Alabama Football: Best and worst player stories after the NFL Draft


Many great stories have been told about Alabama Football players and the 2021 NFL Draft. So many in fact, choosing one as the best, becomes a matter of individual opinion. All ten former Alabama Football players chosen in the Draft provide the substance for a legit ‘feel-good’ story.

Many Crimson Tide fans would choose Jaylen Waddle, Patrick Surtain II, DeVonta Smith or Mac Jones. The level of NFL Daft fame does not make a story great. To be fair, Thomas Fletcher having his NFL dream come true is as great as any other recollection. Particularly, given the surprise Fletcher had when he answered a call from NFL Head Coach, Matt Rhule, thinking it was an inquiry about signing as an undrafted free agent.

To choose the ‘best story’ a perspective of more than football was used. Najee Harris had a great Crimson Tide career. He is a perfect fit with the Pittsburgh Steelers and is expected to have an outstanding NFL career. But as we published in a story Thursday night, what Najee Harris offers the world is football and more. He is a serious young man and his priorities in life are not restricted to football.

As we have explained in multiple posts, life has been hard on Najee. He beat the odds. He is determined to do what he can to help others move beyond poverty and homelessness. The most recent example of Najee helping others was a Draft Watch Party he organized and funded, at a homeless shelter, his mother and his siblings stayed in 11 years ago. Najee explained why he arranged the event.

"There was a time I needed a helping hand. They gave us an opportunity to get back on our feet. So it is my job to give back."

Najee now has two jobs. One is being a professional football player. The other, as he says, is to give back.

Worst Alabama Football NFL Draft Story

The worst story is a no-brainer. It is Dylan Moses not getting drafted. Sometimes life can be unfair. Moses not being one of the 259 picks in the 2021 NFL Draft was one of those times. Since Dylan was in the eighth grade, he has been considered a future high pick in the Draft. Two knee injuries derailed that plan.

Matt Miller explained what happened.

"His injury history is notable, especially with a recent meniscus injury and the fact that it’s been very difficult for teams to get medical information. Spoke with 6 teams who have him off their boards due to medical."

Apparently, every team had Moses off their Draft Board. Moses received an undrafted free agent deal from Jacksonville. He could continue his progress back from a February surgery and still become an NFL starter in a later season.

There are many ‘what ifs’ in Dylan’s situation. Would he have been better off not playing with a meniscus problem last season? Should he have taken advantage of the COVID option allowing all seniors another year of eligibility?

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What has happened with Moses is the fault of no one, but the young man deserved better. Even if their favorite team is not the Jaguars, Crimson Tide fans will root for Dylan’s future NFL career.