Alabama Football: David Pollack right and wrong about Tide and UGA


You can’t be a Georgia Bulldog fan and not have an opinion about Alabama Football. Whether that opinion is favorable or driven by intense dislike (more likely the latter) the Georgia Bulldogs football program is measured against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Of course, the standard of measurement for Georgia is Alabama Football, just as it is for LSU, Auburn, Texas A&M and Florida. The same situation exists for other top Power Five teams outside the SEC. The Crimson Tide is the gold standard.

In the SEC, no program can credibly claim to be on par with Nick Saban’s program. Instead, claims are made of being ‘close’ with the word suggesting little more than the occasional upset of the Crimson Tide.

A couple of days ago, former Georgia Bulldog, David Pollack compared the programs and stated the Bulldogs have been “the most successful team” against the Crimson Tide. Pollack elaborated,

"Alabama’s the standard for everybody. Everybody’s trying to clear that hurdle. You’ve also been the most successful team against them and had some chances to win the national championship, chances to win the SEC Championship. You kind of blown opportunities"

Pollack is correct in most ways. However, his definition of “most successful” against the Alabama Crimson Tide has some flaws. Clemson deserves that claim. In the SEC, going back to 2014, Ole Miss and Auburn have two wins over the Tide, to none for Georgia. As Ed Orgeron and LSU learned last season, claims of overtaking Nick Saban’s Alabama Football program can soon become an embarrassment.

The Georgia Bulldogs have had the most recent bragging rights among SEC East teams, with three division titles in the last four seasons. But going back to 2015, the Bulldogs and the Gators are tied with three trips each to the SEC Championship game.

Alabama Football and Georgia’s “Success”

The Bulldogs’ history against the Alabama Crimson Tide does not include a record of “success.” Georgia last won a National Championship in 1980. The Alabama Crimson Tide has won seven since then. The record between the two teams going back to 1984 is 10-5 in favor of the Tide. The Dawgs did take down the Tide three straight times from 2002- 2007. The last one being an overtime thriller over Nick Saban’s first Alabama team. But Georgia’s winning percentage against Alabama is just 33. 3 percent from 2002 – 2020, matching the same percentage of “success’ for the Dawgs going back to 1984.

Pollack is correct on the Dawgs coming close to the Tide in some recent big games. But enthusiasm for Smart’s program among Georgia fans is mostly fueled by Kirby’s success in recruiting. Given little competition in a talent-rich state, Kirby and Georgia should recruit well.

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Maybe Kirby and the Dawgs will get another shot at the Crimson Tide this December in Atlanta. Until then the Dawgs are left to ‘talk’ about success.