Alabama Football: Auburn desperate for a positive spin


Alabama Football fans are thankful for off-season snippets of fun. Two SEC football programs, in particular, keep churning out foolishness that brings guffaws from Alabama football fans. Those programs are the Tennessee Vols and the Auburn Tigers.

Every time we comment on the latest outlandish statement or action of either program – it is with the expectation embarrassment will cause them to return to reality. Then another thing happens and another. The latest is from the Auburn Tigers.

To be clear, we have nothing against Bryan Harsin. We regretted the exit of Gus Malzahn because his buffoonery made for great stories. And because of being convinced the current offensive explosion in college football was way beyond what Gus could engineer. Our only real gripe about Harsin was a concern he might be boring.

An Auburn fan reading this might quickly interject with the recent Auburn record against the Alabama Crimson Tide. As in, how can the Tigers be called a joke, when they have won over Alabama Football three times in the last 10 seasons?

We can, and do continue to joke about the program because the Tigers have a propensity to cancel out good with a larger portion of bad. They did it again this week, making fools of themselves with a gimmick so lame, when I saw a tweet about it, I could not believe it was real.

But it is real – the Tigers are planning a ‘whiteout’ for the opener against the Akron Zips. Not wanting to be accused of copying Penn State, Auburn’s game promotion is called the Wear White game.

Apparently, the Auburn football program is worried about low turnout and believes the remedy is for fans to wear white. However many fans are in Jordan-Hare, there will be no clash from opposing colors. There cannot be more than a couple of dozen Akron fans interested in coming south for a beatdown.

Alabama Football Fans Ask …

Some Alabama football fans have posed a different question. The ‘all-one-color’ gimmicks in college football are almost always tied to a desire to pump up the home fans and intimidate a tough opponent. The question Crimson Tide fans are asking – is Auburn anxious about taking on the Zips? Do they believe some contrived crowd frenzy is needed to get a win?

Surely the Tigers have no reason for concern. The Akron Zips played six games last season. They lost five of them. The combined score from the losses was 72 points for Akron and 245 points from their opponents.

This story needs no elaboration, but piling on is never a bad idea when it comes to Auburn. For perspective just imagine the Alabama Football program making such an embarrassing mistake. Like the Tide calling for a ‘Crimson Out’ game against New Mexico State.

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A few weeks ago, we discussed how rapidly Auburn is losing ground to the Crimson Tide. The trend has continued as the Tigers struggle to have a Top 50 class in 2022 recruiting.