Alabama Football: CFP format doesn’t impact the Tide

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Alabama football fans shouldn’t worry about the College Football Playoff

Ever since the BCS was destroyed and the College Football Playoff was formed, fans have wanted to change it. College football opened Pandora’s box by expanding to four teams, and everything from six to 16 teams has been suggested. This is mostly because of Alabama football‘s success.

With the same few teams making every College Football Playoff, teams are desperate for more bids available. Instead of becoming a top-four team, they want to make the path easier for teams outside of the blue bloods.

The most recent suggestion is a 12-team format, and it could easily be implemented sooner rather than later. However, this would have no impact on Alabama football’s odds to make it to the CFP or to win it.

Alabama has made every College Football Playoff except for one, and they will likely make every one in the foreseeable future regardless of the format. With Nick Saban as head coach and elite recruiting classes every year, Alabama football isn’t going anywhere.

The only way Alabama would fail to make the CFP is if they lost two games in the regular season and failed to make it to the SEC Championship. With an expanded College Football Playoff field, they might still make it in that scenario.

In terms of winning the title, more teams won’t hurt the Tide either. Alabama is rarely upset by inferior teams, and adding one or two games wouldn’t do much to Alabama’s chances.

If anything, this would add more SEC teams to the College Football Playoff. This would give Alabama football familiarity with postseason opponents, and that would be good for the Tide in the long run.

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If the College Football Playoff expands, it won’t give teams better chances to knock of the Crimson Tide. It may give them a playoff berth, but that’s not going to do anything in the long run. The top teams are there for a reason, and Alabama football will remain supreme.