Alabama Football: ‘Ten Best Tide WRs of All-Time’ proves Tide is WRU

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No. 8 – Jaylen Waddle

In another shortened career; this time due to injury, Jaylen Waddle is one behind Homan on the Crimson Tide career receptions list.  Waddle’s career 106 Crimson Tide receptions are not enough to make the top ten in the Alabama Football record book.

Jaylen’s greatest skills were shown after he got his hands on a football. In a rating for wide receivers, Waddle gets no credit for electrifying punt returns. More than anything, Waddle made this list based on his career yards-per-reception average. Among Crimson Tide players with 100 or more career receptions, Waddle is No. 2 at 18.9 yards. No.1 is listed below.

Jaylen’s Waddle’s Alabama Football career will be remembered as a great one. It will also be known for a couple of ‘what ifs.’ What would Waddle have done in three healthy seasons or a fourth had he stuck around for a senior season?

What No. 17 is expected to do is thrill NFL fans as he did Crimson Tide fans.

Check out Jaylen’s highlights below.

No. 7- Calvin Ridley (2015-2017)

Calvin Ridley exploded on the Alabama football scene with 89 receptions in 2015. The 89 catches were No. 1 in the SEC for the 2015 season. That freshman season was the most productive of Calvin Ridley’s college career.

Most Alabama football fans acknowledge Calvin was capable of much higher career numbers. As the Tide’s passing offense struggled in 2015 and 2016, Calvin’s production went down.

Even so, Ridley finished at No. 3 in Alabama football history with 224 career receptions. Ridley is also No. 3 for the Alabama Crimson Tide for receptions in a single season. He is No. 5 on the career TD receptions list with 19. He finished No. 4 in career receiving yards with 2,781 yards.

The Atlanta Falcons drafted Ridley in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft.