Alabama Football: Former receivers seen giving back

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Alabama football players were seen giving back recently.

Instant wealth can do a lot of things to a person. It can drive you crazy or give you a chance to grow as a person. These Alabama football receivers instantly gave back after making their first millions in the NFL.

Recently, both Jaylen Waddle and DeVonta Smith helped give back in different ways. Waddle was with his new teammate Jerome Baker delivering drinks to the reunification center in Florida. These drinks will help those impacted by the collapsed building near Miami.

Smith’s way of giving back was more personal. After signing with the Philadelphia Eagles, Smitty bought his mom a house. The two-story house included a multiple-car garage and a sizeable front lawn.

Before he was drafted, DeVonta Smith said in an interview that the first thing he was going to do with his millions was buy his mom a house. He said that he wanted to get her out of the house she was currently in, but she was going to stay in the state of Louisiana.

It’s refreshing to see Tide stars do good things after leaving Tuscaloosa. So many college athletes change for the worse after going pro, but these former receivers are making smart decisions and having a positive impact.

These aren’t the only Alabama football players to do positive things after making it to the NFL. When Tua was drafted, he bought his mom an Escalade for Mother’s Day. It’s not necessarily a two-story house, but he provided and gave back for the family who helped him make it to the NFL in the first place.

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These stars have years to impact their NFL teams. Before their rookie seasons even begin, they are impacting their families and communities. That’s the right way to start your professional career off on the right foot.