Alabama Football: Best two things Nick Saban said at SEC Media Days

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If SEC Media Days were a multi-day music concert, Alabama Football coach Nick Saban would always be the closing act on the main night. The SEC does not want to offend other schools and coaches so Saban is pretty much randomly added to the Media Days schedule of press conferences.

Nick is still the main act wherever he is scheduled. And yes, it is okay to call him Nick. As he said Wednesday,

"I’ll answer to anything and have been called everything."

Saban was, of course, responding to a question, driven by the attention given to Deion Sanders. Deion recently bristled at being called by his first name.

When Saban spoke Wednesday, there was some standard fare about his Alabama Football team and the upcoming season. Using his favorite phrase, he discussed the ‘work in progress’ needed, especially on the offensive side of the ball. With a rebuilt coaching staff and as many as nine new starters on offense, Saban’s favorite phrase may have never been so fitting.

Saban had much to do say and as always, every word was measured for a purpose. A few months ago, we discussed that Saban is no longer near the top of the most hated men in college football. One reason is, to an extent, he has mellowed. The other is in his view of the necessity of a plan for everything. He is always thoughtful in choosing what he does and does not say.

Alabama Football fans should be happy about two things Saban said

Concern over Alabama Football potentially having to forfeit a game because of COVID restrictions can be put aside. According to Saban, the Alabama Football program has close to 90 percent of its players vaccinated. That is above the threshold for the SEC to do weekly testing. Without such mandated testing, asymptomatic players will not be placed in quarantine, as happened last season. Saban said multiple doctors have been brought in to explain to players the benefits and potential risks of COVID vaccination. He also said he hoped more players would decide to get vaccinated.

Another bit of good news reported by Saban Saban was about the offensive line. With the unit needing three new starters, Saban was asked about the progress of sophomore, Javion Cohen. Nick Saban does not dispense much praise about individual players in the preseason. It is clear, that especially with younger or less experienced ones, he wants fall camp to be a proving ground. On Wednesday he praised Javion Cohen, coming very close to saying the sophomore would be a new starter at left guard. Barring a camp injury, it appears four of the Tide’s o-line starters are set for Miami.

The early praise of the unproven Cohen is great news. The offensive line is one position group where ‘work in progress’ could be written in capital letters.

Check out the full video of Nick Saban’s SEC Media Day press conference.

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