Alabama football setting the standard with vaccinations

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Once again, Alabama football is setting the standard for the sport

We’ve seen Alabama football lead the way in a variety of ways. Nick Saban and the Tide have changed what it means to win on and off the field. They changed the recruiting game forever, and Saban has singlehandedly determined the careers of countless of coaches due to outcomes against the Tide.

In 2021, Alabama football is setting the standard in a new way. During SEC Media Days, Saban mentioned that his team is approaching 90% vaccination from COVID-19.

This number is important for a lot of reasons. The SEC has announced that teams with above 80% vaccination get to avoid certain protocols, and only six teams have reached that milestone so far. It appears that Alabama is well above that threshold, easing their stresses for the season.

The state of Alabama also has the worst vaccination rate in the country with around 1/3 of all citizens having the vaccine. This proportion is lower for young adults, meaning that Alabama football players are significantly more likely to get vaccinated than their peers.

With new variants rising and a lack of rules in place to postpone games, it is crucial that teams stay healthy and avoid cases. Not only is it better for the individuals and society as a whole, but it will help ensure that games are played with as many players as possible this year.

Last season, Alabama football was the leader in following COVID-19 protocols. While no school was perfect, the Tide avoided any game postponements due to an outbreak. Their case numbers were limited compared to other SEC teams.

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It seems that Alabama is the leader once again. They are setting the standard when it comes to vaccinating your players. With the data and resources available for athletes to make educated decisions, it appears that Saban is ensuring that his players take advantage of those resources.