Alabama Crimson Tide: Canes are tired of hearing one question


Alabama Crimson Tide opens the 2021 season against one of the storied programs in college football history. The Miami Hurricanes can legitimately claim five National Championships. The first came in 1983 under former Alabama Crimson Tide assistant, Howard Schnellenberger, followed by another in 1987 under Jimmy Johnson. Dennis Erickson won two; in 1989 and 1991. The most recent Canes National Championship was under Larry Coker in 2001.

Miami joined the ACC in 2004 and had back-to-back 9-3 seasons in 2004 and 2005. In Coker’s last season; 2006, the Canes slumped to 7-6. During the next four season’s Randy Shannon’s teams never lost less than four games. Al Golden’s four and a half seasons were even worse.

Mark Richt brought new hope to the program over three seasons. But Richt’s last team in 2018 slumped to 7-6. In 2019, under Manny Diaz, the Canes were a worse, 6-7. Miami finished 2020 at 8-3. The 2020 season was only the second time in the last 15 seasons for the Hurricanes to not lose more than three games.

In the 1970s Miami lost all six games it played against the Alabama Crimson Tide

In 2009 when Randy Shannon’s team went 9-4, the question started being asked. Is Miami back? It wasn’t. The same question was asked again in 2013 when Golden’s team went 9-4 and again in 2018 when Richt’s team was 10-3. Twice more the answer was no.

The old question came back last season when the Canes were ranked No. 7. A loss to Clemson did not keep Miami from climbing back to No. 9 in early December. After an 8-1 start, the finish did not resemble a team that was back. The Canes closed the 2020 season losing 62-26 to North Carolina and 37-34 to Oklahoma State.

Many Miami fans and those inside the program are tired of the ‘is Miami back’ question. Still, it comes up. Recently, John Michaels, writing for State of the U addressed the lingering question.

"Is Miami Back – Simple answer is no. Until Miami is contending for National Titles the Canes are not back. Are they trending in the right direction? It seems that way, but there is a long way to go to be back. Lazy national pundits love to ask this question because they know there will be a response from other sides. Miami fans know the truth and are tired of seeing the same question every offseason."

At least one preseason poll rates the Canes favorably. CBS Sports has the Canes as the nation’s No. 15 team.

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The Miami Hurricanes could quickly claim to be back if an upset occurs in Atlanta on the afternoon of Sept. 4. Can the Canes surprise the Alabama Crimson Tide? It is possible but highly unlikely.