3 Alabama football players who must step up in 2021

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These Alabama football players have a lot to prove

Winning a national title and going undefeated covers up a lot of flaws for a team. Any disappointments were swept under the rug when Alabama football kept dominating. However, that won’t be the case with so many Tide players now moving on to the NFL.

Alabama is experiencing an outflow of talent like they’ve never seen with so many first-rounders heading to the pros. Those with more to prove decided to return, but that won’t come naturally.

Players who were rotational pieces will now have to be reliable options. Seniors will have to step up and work through any gaps in their game. This is the case every season, but it will matter more for these specific players.

These three Alabama football players didn’t necessarily have bad years in 2020, but they’ll need to specifically perform in 2021. Their roles will be different, and they’ll have to step up to the plate.

3. Brian Robinson, RB

Robinson has had more years with the Tide than almost anyone in the program’s history, but he’s been constantly buried on the depth chart. This year, he will begin the season as the starter. With depth behind him, he’ll have to step up if he wants to maintain the lion’s share of the reps.

Robinson averages 5 yards a carry, but that was mostly against second teams. He’ll have to bump that average up as he faces starters, which will be tough. Thankfully, he has more experience than most first-year starters at running back. He has over 1300 career rushing yards and could come close to doubling that this season if everything goes right.