Alabama Football: Grading Najee’s NFL preseason debut

Mandatory Credit: Caitlyn Epes/Handout Photo via USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Caitlyn Epes/Handout Photo via USA TODAY Sports /

Alabama football was well represented in the first NFL preseason game

Najee Harris had an elite Alabama football career, but his true legacy will be defined by how he does in the NFL. It was just a preseason game, but he started his first game with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL Hall of Fame Game. 

Najee was without most of his starters on offense, but he still had a solid NFL debut. It wasn’t perfect, but he took a step in the right direction on Thursday.

Harris didn’t break loose for a major game, but he came close plenty of times. He proved his ability to make something out of nothing by never being tackled for a loss.

With reserve linemen and little chemistry, there wasn’t much for Harris to do. He had practically no gaps made for him, but he still kept the Steelers ahead of the chains.

Running the ball is a team event. Harris was the only piece of the puzzle that was working. With no passing game and a lack of push from the line, Harris took it upon himself to carry the offense. He only had 22 yards, but he did the best he could with the circumstances.

All in all, the Alabama football running back gets a B- for his NFL preseason debut. He only had one catch, but he did plenty of good things. There was room to grow, but he didn’t make any major mistakes. If he had a solid roster around him, he would’ve done more as a running back.

One preseason game won’t define anyone’s career. The best thing that Harris did was stay healthy through his first game in the pros. He got the jitters out against the Cowboys, and he’ll be better prepared for his actual rookie season.

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It was a B- day for Alabama football’s star running back, but he’s hoping to have an A+ career.