Without intention or effort Nick Saban may have killed the Big 12

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Nick Saban’s obsession with building organizations, teams, players and men leaves no time to focus on destroying anything. Saban’s extraordinary results have damaged the careers of opposing coaches and diminished the programs those coaches led – but only as byproducts of Alabama Crimson Tide success.

Contrary to opinions from jealous fanbases, Nick Saban has often tried to soften the blow when one of his Crimson Tide teams was overwhelming an opponent. Close attention to Saban’s words over many years shows a man clearly in love with his work, who aspires to make the game of college football better.

How then, can there be a plausible suggestion Nick Saban may have killed the Big 12? How he may have will follow. But not before being clear that whatever contribution Nick Saban has made to the demise of the Big 12 was unintentional. The conference is teetering from the loss of Oklahoma and Texas. The Big 12 may survive, in some lesser form, or the loss of the only two Big 12 heavyweights may lead to more team defections. It will not take many more exits for the conference to be forced into a union with a Group of Five league. Whatever name is given to such a group, it will not be a Power Five, Big 12.

A ‘can’t be refused’ Texas Offer to Nick Saban

How has Nick Saban been involved? Many things have led to the Big 12’s misfortunes. One of them might have been caused by Saban. In December 2013, Nick Saban had to bounce back from one of the most devastating losses of his career. After back-to-back National Championships, the 2013, No. 1 ranked Crimson Tide, was freakishly derailed by Auburn.

That point in Alabama Crimson Tide history coincided with the Texas Longhorns primed to make Saban an offer he could not refuse. How much is not known, but subsequently Texas boosters have said they were confident in being able to offer contract dollars higher than any the Crimson Tide could provide. Evidently, something to do with the state of Texas, football and powerful Longhorns’ boosters makes them believe their money can buy anything.

Only they couldn’t buy Nick Saban. To the relief of Alabama AD, Bill Battle, and all Crimson Tide fans, a contract extension made Tuscaloosa the Saban’s coaching home forever.

Powerful Texas boosters learned something was stronger than massive amounts of money. That something was the combination of college football’s greatest program and its home in the powerful SEC. Background on this period was provided by Michael Casagrande of al.com.

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Admittedly, there is no solid proof to back this claim. But in terms of narrative fidelity, it passes the test. Nick Saban slamming the door on Texas may have been the tipping point that led Texas and the Big 12 to their current situations. A situation that could kill the Big 12.