Alabama Football: Minkah Fitzpatrick disrespected again

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Alabama football’s Fitzpatrick deserves more respect

Minkah Fitzpatrick had one of the best Alabama football careers of the past decade. The versatile defensive back took over games with his range and strength, and he’s a fan favorite. People expected him to shine in the NFL, and he’s done just that. However, he’s been disrespected once again.

The NFL Top 100 list is being released by the NFL. It’s an opportunity for NFL players to rank the best players from the previous season, showing who they think is playing at the highest level. Minkah made the list, but he’s still being disrespected by his placement.

Fitzpatrick was ranked 52nd overall by his peers despite forcing five turnovers and scoring a touchdown for the Pittsburgh Steelers last year. He is viewed as one of the best safeties in the NFL, but he remains outside of the top 50 players.

This isn’t the first time Fitzpatrick’s talents have been doubted this offseason. His Madden ratings were solid, but nothing compared to what he deserves.

To be fair, these are not accurate ways to rank athletes. Both have their flaws. You can’t use a video game to replicate NFL talent, and you can’t rely on a video game company to adequately rank football players. Even though the NFL Top 100 list is created by players, they don’t analyze every player to create their list. You can’t ask an offensive lineman to decide if a certain safety is better than a random receiver outside of their conference. They focus on their positions and their opponents.

Fitzpatrick tweeted his frustrations after seeing where he ranked on the list.

At the end of the day, Minkah Fitzpatrick has proven that he is a great NFL safety. He’s versatile and has a high football IQ. He’s one of the best players on one of the best defenses in the NFL, and he’s making Alabama football fans proud.

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If Fitzpatrick has another successful season, he’ll hopefully earn the credit he deserves.