Alabama Crimson Tide: Sir Charles should re-think running for Governor

Auburn junior Charles Barkley (34) attracts the attention of Kentucky teammates
Auburn junior Charles Barkley (34) attracts the attention of Kentucky teammates /

It is not easy for Alabama Crimson Tide fans to genuinely like a current or former Auburn Tiger. For many Crimson Tide fans, Charles Barkley is an exception. The former ‘Round Mound of Rebound’ is now known affectionately by many as Sir Charles.

Barkley has always been somewhat of a misfit. As both a collegian and an NBA professional, Barkley played power forward at just a shade over 6-foot-4. Older Alabama Crimson Tide fans have pretty much forgiven Charles for the dominance he had over the Crimson Tide’s 6-foot-9, Bobby Lee Hurt.

Barkley has now been a media star for as long as he was a basketball star. The two professions cover more than three decades of high visibility and scrutiny.

Now known more for being outspoken and refreshing candor, Barkley’s unvarnished statements on a variety of subjects have sometimes gotten him into trouble. Many years ago, Barkley said,

"I don’t create controversies. They’re there long before I open my mouth. I just bring them to your attention."

Gaining the attention of others is one of Barkley’s best talents. Back in the 1990s, Barkley talked about running for Governor of Alabama as a Republican. About 15 years ago, he considered pursuing the same office again, but as a Democrat. He never ran and no longer expresses any interest in becoming a politician.

Maybe he should. Alabama has done far worse – repeatedly. Void and vacuum are appropriate words to describe the paucity of leadership provided by Alabama politicians at the state and federal levels. There are exceptions, but they are far too few in number. Maybe Charles should reconsider and try to move the state in a more effective direction.

Can Barkley influence Alabama Crimson Tide fans?

There are Alabama Crimson Tide fans who will not appreciate Barkley’s next effort for the state of Alabama. Some will outright dislike it. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and mine is – “Thank you Charles Barkley for doing what is needed.”

On Aug. 28, there will be a COVID vaccine rally and free vaccine shots given at Birmingham’s Legion Field. Barkley will be the featured speaker at the rally. Talking about people refusing to get vaccinated, Charles said,

"you’ve got these idiots out here who don’t want to take the vaccine and who don’t want to wear a mask, and they’re out here getting people sick and killing people all over the country"

Staunch anti-vaxxers will disagree with Charles. More than a few will take great offense. So be it. What Charles is doing is far better than either the Governor or Auburn’s current football coach are doing. Ivey’s positive vaccine statements are muted by her lack of meaningful action. Bryan Harsin will not disclose whether he is vaccinated or not and has a team reportedly at around a 60 percent vaccination rate.

In Tuscaloosa, only one person having anything to do with the Alabama Football program is not vaccinated. Alabama Crimson Tide fans should acknowledge a ‘hats off’ to Nick Saban and Charles Barkley.

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Every Alabama Crimson Tide fan and everyone in the Alabama Football program wants to see a full Bryant-Denny this fall. The hope that will happen is not the same as a guarantee. That alone should be a compelling reason to get vaccinated.