Alabama Football: Seven bold predictions for the 2021 season

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As the college football season begins, check out these seven bold Alabama Football predictions for the Crimson Tide season. Making bold predictions implies some built-in leeway for being wrong. The flip side is, if a prediction is obvious, it cannot be considered bold.

These predictions are bold enough, all of them are unlikely to happen. But they are offered in the belief every one of them could happen.

Alabama Football Bold Prediction No. 1

Will Reichard was perfect last season, making 14 field goals and 84 extra points. With an offense expected to be somewhat less explosive in 2021, his number of field goal attempts will go up. I predict he will not make them all. Last season, Reichard had one attempt over 50 yards. He will have more than that in 2021. Though not ‘perfect-perfect’ again, he will however be perfect in making all PATs.

Alabama Football Bold Prediction No. 2

The Crimson Tide will have a punter average more than 42 yards per punt. Last season, Tide punters averaged 38 yards per punt. Sam Johnson was at 35.4 yards on 10 punts. Charlie Scott averaged 39.2 yards on 22 punts. The Crimson Tide has not averaged more than 42 yards since J.K. Scott’s last season in 2017. Which Tide punter will lead the way? The guess is James Burnip, but if not, Ty Perine also has the leg to do it.

Apparently, Burnip has been developed to use either of two distinct punting styles. He can use a rugby style, as well as the traditional ‘American’ style of punting.