Alabama Football: 3 keys for Tide to dominate vs. Miami

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3 keys for Alabama football to dominate

1. The backups need to shine

This is a matchup between ranked opponents, but that doesn’t mean much. Alabama has a history of putting in backups in the first week of the season thanks to dominant performances by the starters. This is how players are so prepared to start when their number is eventually called.

However, Alabama already has fresh faces in the starting lineup. They’ll have even more on the depth chart. Second stringers can turn a dominant performance into a shaky one.

This key to dominance has two parts. First and foremost, Alabama has to get to the point where they put in the bench players. This will be on the starters, and the sooner the better. However, it is then on the backups to keep the same standard.

This is what makes Alabama truly dominant. Their backups can beat most teams’ starters, and they show that at the ends of games. If that fails to happen in this game, Alabama football fans will be disappointed.

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At the end of the day, Alabama only has to survive and advance. Still, these keys would set the Tide on the path to a dominant victory in their season opener against an ACC foe. We’ll see what happens on Saturday.