Alabama Football: Nine interesting week two games for Tide fans

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Alabama Football
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There are reasons to be both satisfied and disappointed with Alabama Football taking on a weak opponent in week two. Yes, I am calling Mercer weak, secure in knowing Nick Saban will not read these words. Saban finds something good to say about every opponent in every Alabama football game.

But, Mercer is a pushover and such games provide little excitement for fans. Another downside is the risk of injury to a key player. The backups seeing extra game action is a good thing. First-team players also need work, and while Crimson Tide practices can be tough, there is more risk in an actual game. If Bryce Young (and others) are put at risk, should it not be for a win that adds to a resume rather than subtracting from it?

Much-needed payouts are a plus for the FCS schools. Lower ticket prices and a flood of them in re-sell markets give budget-minded fans a chance to attend a game at Bryant-Denny. Another plus is lessening the workload for starters in one of eight games in eight weeks, before a bye.

For the good and not-so-good reasons – bring on the Mercer Bears. The Mercer players may lose badly, but in future decades they can tell their grandkids, they played football against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Compelling College Football Games

Even for Crimson Tide fans, some other games in week two might be more interesting. Here are eight that interest me and why.