Alabama Football: How Miami fans and media like the Canes’ chances

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Across the world of college football, the chance Alabama Football is upset by Miami is rarely mentioned. Even those talking about the Canes having a chance likely realize it is a long shot. Media sources that either specifically cover the Hurricanes or are located in South Florida don’t give Miami a strong chance. Several game predictions from these sources have the Alabama Crimson Tide winning by 10 to 21 points.

Check out a sampling of the opinions. From InsideTheU, in an Alabama 38 – Miami 28 prediction.

"If Miami comes out of the gate fast, especially on offense, and could rattle up the Crimson Tide enough to make this a four quarter battle, that would be a moral victory for the Hurricanes."

Another opinion from the same source, in an Alabama 31 – Miami 20, prediction.

"If the Crimson Tide can run the ball successfully, this game could get ugly, but we think the Hurricanes will be good enough with stopping the run and make it a competitive game.I think Alabama wins the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and wins a pretty competitive game."

Kevin Lerner of the SunSentinel predicts a 34-20 Crimson Tide victory, but says the Canes have their “most talented team in a decade.” That statement says much about the Miami program and about the ACC as well.

The game is big for Miami, giving them a chance for a badly needed, program-defining win. As reported by the Miami Herald, Manny Diaz said his team has been motivated by the game and have had

"a great sense of urgency for our entire offseason program."

It is natural a subset of Miami fans can find a way to believe their team has a chance. Most of their hopes come from a belief in Miami quarterback, D’Eriq King and Offensive Coordinator, Rhett Lashlee. The confidence in a healthy King is warranted. He poses a real threat to the Alabama Football defense.

Putting faith in Rhett Lashlee is more of an iffy proposition. A protege of Gus Malzahn, going back to his high school days, Lashlee was OC in name only at Auburn. He won the Broyles Award in 2013 but the Auburn offense was a Malzahn product. The Canes were a respectable No. 26 in FBS Scoring Offense last season, averaging 34 points per game.

Rhett Lashlee vs Alabama Football Defense

Despite what Miami fans claim, there cannot be many who truly believe Lashlee vs. a Nick Saban, Alabama Football defense is the path to a Canes’ victory.

Another hope for Miami fans is their future NFL, left tackle, Zion Nelson can handle Will Anderson Jr. Based on preseason reports from the Tide’s two fall camp scrimmages, the odds of such a result are slim. Reportedly even the Tide’s outstanding offensive lineman, Evan Neal had problems with Anderson.

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Nick Saban and Alabama Football own both, season openers and Atlanta. Saturday will not be pleasant for the Miami Hurricanes.