Alabama Football: Studs and duds from CFB Week 1

Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports /
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Alabama football had plenty of studs this weekend

After months of waiting, Alabama football is finally back. The Crimson Tide began the 2021 season with a dominant win against the Miami Hurricanes. Alabama had an elite performance and aced Saturday’s test, but there are other ways to view this game.

When you beat a ranked opponent by 30 points, it is safe to say you had plenty of studs in the game. However, not everything was perfect. There were some duds as well. With that in mind, these were the studs and duds from Alabama football’s game against Miami. It includes some duds from the Hurricanes as well.

Stud: Bryce Young

Not everything was perfect with Bryce Young, but he was definitely a stud against Miami. He manipulated the pocket with ease. He used his legs to extend plays. He found complicated windows to throw the ball and had some pretty plays down the field.

This is a stepping stone towards an elite season from Alabama football’s sophomore quarterback.

Stud: Jameson Williams

Williams tied the second-longest passing play in Alabama football history in his first game with the Tide. It’s safe to say that he will be a stud for this season. His speed unlocks another level for the Crimson Tide.

Stud: John Metchie

If you think Williams is a great receiver, you should see him alongside John Metchie. They are the Tide’s next elite duo on offense. Metchie’s strength and agility set him apart, and Williams takes the top off of the defense.

Metchie played like Jerry Jeudy in this game. He kept making players miss in open space, and he will easily be Young’s primary target in 2021.