Alabama Football: Week One College Football Power Rankings

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Kentucky has been a solid team over the past 3-4 seasons and perennially underrated. They did what they were supposed to do against an inferior opponent. They miss playing any of the best teams in the SEC West, including Alabama football, in the regular season so there is a strong possibility they end up as number 2 or 3 in the SEC East this year. One upset and they could find themselves atop the division.

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I really don’t know what to think about Michigan if I am being honest. I don’t think they are one of the best teams in the country, but none of the other bubble teams wanted to show up this week. Will this be the best we see of Michigan or will they continue to take care of business and re-establish themselves as a contender in the BIG10?

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The Gators were breaking in a lot of new offensive players this week. I think they will improve, but there are a lot of good teams on the schedule this year including Alabama football in just two short weeks. Not to mention the annual showdown with Florida State now looks like it might be a much better matchup than it has been in recent years. 9-3 might be the best this team can hope for.

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Now we start the part of the rankings I like to call the PAC-12 pileup. There are three PAC-12 teams that had basically identical wins over the weekend. Take your pick about who is the best of the three. Arizona State looked good, not great, in its first game. Their schedule is backloaded aside from a showdown with UCLA in a few weeks so it might be a while before we find out how good they are.

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You can just re-read my analysis of Arizona State above replacing Arizona State with USC. There really isn’t that much difference. The only thing I can say different is that they don’t face UCLA until much later down the road.