Alabama Football: Six thoughts and moving on from Florida game

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Alabama Football
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Florida Game, Thought No. 2

It is too soon to know if the Alabama Football defense was over-hyped by preseason expectations. There were clearly problems. The Tide’s defensive line was mostly handled by Florida blockers without a need for double-teams. Which left other Gators to slow the Tide linebackers before they could attack ball carriers. Safeties did not always fill those gaps. Too many missed tackles compounded the problems. Between now and the Ole Miss game, Crimson Tide fans will have to wonder (and worry). Has the ‘improved’ Alabama football defense been oversold, or is it not fundamentally as bad, as it was at times against Florida?

Florida Game, Thought No. 3

Nick Saban said after the game, he thought the players became fatigued. To the extent that included defensive linemen, does a deeper rotation need to be used? In the preseason, it was expected the Tide could go at least 7-8 on the defensive line, but it has played so far with basically five guys.

Florida Game, Thought No. 4

The Crimson Tide offensive line from 2020 spoiled Tide fans. The 2021 group has a way to go. When the Tide tried to block Florida’s best defensive linemen without double teams, pressure came quickly. That allowed Todd Grantham to be more patient with blitz calls and drop seven or more defenders into coverage. Brian Robinson played a solid game, but he and other Tide runners did not see enough open holes. Tough yards were gained but too often Florida defenders held their ground at the point of attack.