Alabama Football: 5 takeaways from Florida game

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Alabama Football
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5 takeaways from Alabama football vs. Florida

2. Bryce Young is being told not to run the ball

Bryce Young is one of the fastest quarterbacks in college football. Coming out of high school, he was billed as a dual-threat that is truly elite at both passing and running. He can evade sacks with ease, and he is hard to catch once he gets to the second level.

Even in the pocket, his elusiveness is easy to spot. he can scramble away and find open receivers consistently. Once he gathers momentum, he is hard to bring down. However, this is all done behind the line of scrimmage. He has yet to truly show his ability to run for first downs.

This could be done one of two ways. Either Bryce Young could decide to scramble once plays broke down or they could call quarterback runs. Neither of those are happening consistently. This is keeping your elite quarterback from using one of his best skills.

There is clearly a reason why this is happening, but Alabama football fans aren’t given that information. Is it because they’re afraid Young will get hurt when he runs? Are they saving this skill for when the Tide face tougher opponents down the line? Will Alabama simply refuse to change the structure of their offense to best fit the quarterback? We don’t know, and we can only speculate. Still, it is clear that there is another gear for this offense that hasn’t been utilized yet. Young seems determined to stay behind the line of scrimmage, and that is clearly a coaching point for the Tide. We’ll see if that continues against other SEC teams.