Alabama Football: Seven Bold Predictions for Southern Miss game

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Another week and another time for Alabama Football BOLD Predictions.

These predictions are serious efforts to first be bold and then be right more than wrong. Some results make for gray areas in grading the predictions. There are four grades for each prediction: correct; mostly correct; wrong and mostly wrong. In counting the results, the pairs of correct and wrong are added together.

A quick summary of last week shows a 4-3 result, counting the bonus prediction that was admittedly not particularly bold. That takes the Bold Prediction record after three games to 7 correct and 11 wrong.

Last week’s Wrong Alabama Football Bold Predictions

The entire Florida Bold Predictions post is available here.

  • “The Alabama Crimson Tide defense will hold the Gators to at least, 200 yards less than their season average.” WRONG. The Gators gained 440 yards in total offense which was 113 yards below their season average, including 246 yards on the ground which was 135.5 yards below their season average.
  • “The Tide’s top solo tackler in the game will be Henry To’o To’o or Christain Harris.” WRONG. Demarrco Hellams was the leading solo tackler and also led in total tackles. Hellams’ solo tackles number was seven. To’o To’o and Harris had three solo tackles each.
  •  “JoJo Earle will return a punt for a touchdown OR JoJo Earle will have receptions for 100 or more yards OR JoJo Earle will make a touchdown reception. “WRONG. Earle caught one pass for 18 yards and scored no touchdowns.

Last week’s Correct Alabama Football Bold Predictions

  • “The loud and intimidating environment in The Swamp will not bother Bryce Young. It will cause the offensive line some problems resulting in two or more penalties.” CORRECT. Young handled the challenging environment well. The Crimson Tide had four false start penalties.
  • “Chris Owens will start at right tackle. The Swamp is no place for less experienced or true freshmen offensive linemen. Unless Owens is injured during the game, Owens will get all the right tackle snaps until time for mop-up duty. CORRECT. Other than the game had no ‘mop-up’ duty, this prediction was spot on.
  • “Will Reichard will not miss. The PAT streak continues. If a field goal is needed in the game, a new, made streak begins.” CORRECT
  • “After Saturday, Dan Mullen will still be ‘zero-for-Saban’ as a head coach. The record will go to 0-11. CORRECT

Earlier bold predictions for Miami and Mercer had Tide punter, James Burnip hitting at least one punt for 46 yards or longer. Those were wrong. The same prediction should have been made for the Florida games. Burnip, with a little roll, hit a 48-yarder.