Alabama football can’t look ahead to next week’s game

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Alabama football must remain focused

Alabama football has a proud history of avoiding massive upsets. The Crimson Tide haven’t lost to an unranked team since 2007, and it has been that long since they have lost to a non-conference opponent in the regular season. Despite playing teams like Clemson, Wisconsin, Florida State and USC, Alabama hasn’t been upset massively since they won their first title of the Saban era.

That can bring complacency. When the talent gap is so wide, you want to focus more on remaining healthy than you do on dominating the game. At the end of the day, the margin does not matter as long as the Tide leave with a win and can learn enough to prepare for the next opponent.

Alabama must avoid that cursed mentality this week. The Tide play Ole Miss next Saturday at home in a game that could determine Alabama football’s CFP hopes. The Rebels have one of the best offenses in the country, and they have a solid shot of upsetting the Tide.

While all of that remains true, Alabama can’t look ahead for many reasons. In all honesty, it won’t impact the outcome. As long as Alabama brings some energy, they will easily win this game. However, they need the chance to get better before next week, and they can’t do that if they look ahead.

Three weeks into the season, Alabama still hasn’t played a complete game. This is their last chance to do so before playing the Rebels. The defense needs to improve fundamentally, and the offense needs to execute on every drive. Alabama survived a scare against Florida, but that is not a strategy for the rest of the season.

Alabama should consider this game an opportunity to put everything together before the true test next week. If they’re too busy worrying about Lane Kiffin’s scheme, they will squander their last opportunity.

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Alabama football is the best team in the country, but that does not make them invincible. They still have to put the work in, and that includes today’s game against Southern Miss.