Alabama Football: 3 takeaways from win vs. Southern Miss

Mandatory Credit: Gary Cosby-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary Cosby-USA TODAY Sports /
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Alabama football learned a ton this week

Last week, Alabama football had to breathe a sigh of relief after barely beating the Florida Gators on the road. Heading into this game, the Tide knew that this would not be the case again. Instead, they scored on the first play of the game and kept up the pace for all quarters.

While the opponent wasn’t as scary, this was still a learning opportunity for the Tide. They saw that they weren’t invincible last week, and this was their last chance to improve in a game before facing off against Ole Miss and their potent offense.

What exactly did we learn from this dominant win? Here are three takeaways.

3. Depth matters more than top-level talent

Alabama recruits the best players in the country, but they also recruit for depth. A prime example is when Drew Sanders filled in for Chris Allen. Sanders has been a stellar outside linebacker this season, and he looks to keep getting better.

In this game, Alabama showed the depth on offense. Brian Robinson did not play, but both Jase McClellan and Roydell Williams played great in his absence. JoJo Earle also got the start at slot receiver, and he did nice things as a punt returner.

Alabama football also has depth at tight end. Both Jahleel Billingsley and Cameron Latu had great games this weekend for the Tide, and their versatility looks to shine through as the season progresses.

Before, Alabama had a top-heavy roster that relied on the stars to shine. Now, it is more about every player doing well when they are called upon. We’ll see how this works as the season progresses.