Alabama Football: Tide’s report card vs. Southern Miss

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Alabama Football
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Alabama football’s report card vs. Southern Miss

Quarterbacks: A+

Bryce Young had 5 passing touchdowns and 2 incompletions. If it weren’t for the drop by Williams, he would’ve had 6 passing touchdowns and 1 incompletion. That level of efficiency is unheard of, and it needs to be recognized.

Are there ways to improve? Absolutely. Young still hasn’t shown the ability to scramble even though he clearly should be able to. He was one of the best runners in high school, but he remains in the pocket even when things break down. He also took another intentional grounding penalty, so there’s room for improvement. Still, this was his best start so far, and he deserves an A+.

The depth behind him played well also. Jalen Milroe threw his first touchdown pass, and Paul Tyson threw some pretty balls as well.

Will Reichard: P

Reichard had no field goal attempts this game, but he made all nine extra points. He also did his job on kickoffs. I give him a passing grade when he doesn’t have any hard kicks and a letter grade when he gets to show his true talent. He did his job, and that’s all you can ask for.

James Burnip: P

Burnip gets a pass as well. The man only touched a football twice in this game. One punt was 40 yards, and the other one was for 38. You’d prefer more punts inside the 20 and for more hangtime, but he didn’t do anything detrimental in this game.

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All things considered, this is the most well-rounded game Alabama football has played this season. We’ll see if they can piece everything together next week against the Ole Miss Rebels.