Alabama Football: Crowd to play a huge factor vs. Ole Miss

(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

The fans of Alabama football need to be loud on Saturday

College football grants a few elite games every year. Some are surprises, but others feel inevitable. An inevitable all-time game will be played on Saturday between Alabama football and the Ole Miss Rebels.

Lane Kiffin is looking to be the first Saban assistant to beat the master. He failed to beat the Tide last season despite an elite offensive performance, but the Rebels bring a better offense to town in 2021.

Another change from last year is that this game will be played at Alabama football’s home stadium. That means they will have familiarity and routine on their side, along with a stadium full of loud fans.

The latter of those advantages will mean a lot in this game. In any rivalry game, a home crowd can sway things. In this one, it matters even more. Here’s why.

While Alabama is heavily favored, this game will likely go down to the last drive. Both offenses are potent, and neither defense will have a consistent answer. That means that any minor mistake could turn things for either team, and mistakes are more likely on the road.

Ole Miss runs a creative offense that takes advantage of timing and execution. Every detail matters, and a simple mistake can ruin the whole play. They’ve been successful all season with this philosophy, but they have yet to play in a hostile environment.

Ole Miss averages over 10 penalties a game and over 100 penalty yards. That is their one true weakness, and a crowd can impact that. If the stadium is rocking, communication on offense will be a challenge. That will cause more mistakes and keep them from scoring on every drive.

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With two offensive powerhouses, you will take every advantage you can get. While this is not a night game, the Tide do have a massive advantage with fans. If they bring their all, it will be easier for Alabama football to remain undefeated.