Alabama Football’s Bryce Young earned his Heisman

Mandatory Credit: Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports /

Alabama Football won the most exciting Iron Bowl in years Saturday night on the back of sophomore quarterback, Bryce Young.

Alabama Football’s Bryce Young earned his Heisman in 2021 Iron Bowl

The first 50 minutes of the 2021 Iron Bowl were grim. The Crimson Tide couldn’t get anything going offensively. Bryce Young spent more time on the ground than he did standing, and the run game was nonexistent. The offensive line appeared as though they had never played football before, and the Auburn defense was licking its chops.

But Bryce.

Despite only being down 7 points, the margin seemed insurmountable considering how poorly the offense had played all game. Bryce never flinched. He never doubted. He never gave up.

Standing in his own end zone, he showed the poise of a veteran and led his team 93 yards. He led his team 93 yards despite being down his best receiver. He led his team 93 yards despite being without his starting running back. He led his team 93 yards despite being down his center and with only a left tackle who started last season.

He had a warrior mentality and did the damn thing.

Then he did it four more times in overtime.

No Alabama Football quarterback has had to work harder than Bryce Young. The three former Alabama Football quarterbacks, Jalen Hurts, Tua Tagovailoa, and Mac Jones, had elite talent around them. Mac Jones had the gift of arguably the best offensive line in school history. Tua and Mac both had wide receiver groups who would all eventually go on to be first round draft picks.

Jalen had Bo Scarborough, Josh Jacobs, Calvin Ridley, Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs, and Devonta Smith.

Tua had Jeudy, Ruggs, Smitty, and Waddle. He also had Damien Harris and Josh Jacobs beside him. He also had Alex Leatherwood and Jedrick Wills protecting him.

Mac Jones had the greatest offensive lineup of all time. Mac had Naje

e Harris beside him. He could throw to Smitty, Waddle, or Metchie. He could read a book in the pocket with Deonte Brown, Alex Leatherwood, Landon Dickerson, and Evan Neal in front of him.

Saturday night Bryce had himself, Evan Neal, and John Metchie. After losing Jameson Williams to targeting, Auburn’s best defensive back could key in on Metchie the rest of the night. The only side Bryce Young could count on being protected was his left side. Unfortunately as good as Evan Neal is, he cannot be a one-man show on the offensive line.

Bryce had no option but to do it himself, and he did. It was one of the most gritty performances of any quarterback in Alabama history.

The Bama haters had a reasonable argument when they said Jalen, Tua, and Mac didn’t deserve the Heisman because of the elite talent around them. After all, they are all playing on Sundays now.

That argument has no relevance for Bryce Young. He deserves the Heisman. Without him, Alabama is 5-6 right now with losses to Texas A&M, Florida, Tennessee, LSU, Arkansas, and Auburn. I’m confident had Bryce Young been able to lead a game-winning drive in College Station, he would have.

Next. For the Tide, it is now or never. dark

There is no one in college football playing better football than Bryce Young. He is the difference-maker for the Alabama Football team this season. He deserves the Heisman.