Alabama Football: Bold Predictions for SEC Championship Game

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Last week’s Alabama Football Bold Predictions were pretty accurate, with four correct predictions and two that were wrong. The rivalry game did not play out close to anyone’s expectations, with the Crimson Tide producing only 71 rushing yards and giving up seven sacks. Results from the Iron Bowl predictions take the Bold Predictions record for the season to 41 correct and 34 wrong.

Alabama Football vs. Auburn Predictions Scorecard

Correct – As predicted T.J. Finley did throw more than 25 passes – one more with 26 pass attempts. Also as predicted, Finley did pass for less than 150 yards. His final count was 137 yards.

Correct – Predicted was the Auburn running backs would not match their season averages against the Crimson Tide defense. They did not come close with Tank Bigsby managing 2.2 yards-per-rush and Jarquez Hunter rushing for a stunning 0.7 yards average. The Tigers rushed for a net 22 yards in the game.

Correct – It was predicted the Crimson Tide defense would have at least, a combined, seven quarterback hurries and sacks against Finley. That was almost the exact number, with six sacks and two hurries.

Wrong – New starting field-goal kicker for the Tigers, Ben Patton was predicted to miss a field goal outside 40 yards. Patton made 33 and 49-yard field goals.

Correct – As predicted the total offense by Auburn was less than 350 yards – much less at 159 yards.

Wrong – The Crimson Tide was predicted to produce 450 yards of total offense. The final number in total offensive output was 388 yards. And the Crimson Tide needed every one of them.