Alabama Football: Tide need Bryce’s best vs. Bulldogs

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

Alabama football will turn to its Heisman contender

This year, Bryce Young has been an elite quarterback for Alabama football. He’s led the Heisman race while also setting school records in Tuscaloosa. Even with this elite play, he will need to take a step forward against the Georgia Bulldogs.

Georgia brings the best defense in the country to town. The Bulldogs have an elite defensive front that can cause chaos in the trenches. Against Alabama’s struggling offensive line, this is a red flag. While it isn’t fair to put all the pressure on Young’s shoulders, he will have to go off-script a few times to make plays.

With Brian Robinson’s health still in question, it will be even more important that the passing game succeeds. Young needs to win with deep plays and underneath routes. If he can also extend drives with his legs, that would be a plus.

Will Alabama football’s defense be able to handle Georgia? They should be able to. However, the Tide still need to get points on the board. All of that pressure will be on Young’s shoulders. Even if Alabama calls bad plays and the offensive line fails to improve, fingers will be pointed at Bryce Young.

Thankfully, Young is one of the best players in college football right now. He has the talent to take over drives with his arm and his legs. He proved that against Auburn last week, and he set records as a passer the week before.

This works the other way as well. If Alabama fails, people will blame Young. However, he will be given all the praise if the Tide win.

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This will be a challenge, but it’s a chance for Bryce Young to become a legend. It will take his best game of the year, but he would clinch Alabama’s CFP bid along with a Heisman Trophy if he were to defy the odds against Georgia.