Alabama Football: 2021 is Saban’s biggest success

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Alabama football has shattered expectations this year

Nick Saban has done amazing things during his time with Alabama football. He took a spiraling program to the national championship in three seasons. He’s won more national titles during his tenure than most programs have ever seen. Saban revolutionized recruiting and the NFL Draft process, and he will soon see a fourth player win the Heisman Trophy.

The list of accolades is long for Saban and the Crimson Tide. However, what he has done in 2021 is the most impressive thing to date. Let’s sum up the adversity Alabama football faced this season.

It’s always harder to come off of a championship. That’s why the Tide have only repeated titles once in the Saban era. It’s even harder when you lose the vast majority of your championship team. Alabama replaced two first-round receivers including a Heisman winner. They lost a first-round quarterback. The vast majority of the award-winning offensive line either went to the NFL or changed positions. You also lost a veteran tight end and the best running back in college football last year.

On defense, Alabama lost a veteran linebacker, a defensive stud up front and the best corner in college football.

Not only this, but Alabama had to rely heavily on younger talent to replace these stars. Bryce Young threw less than 25 passes last year. Plenty of freshmen and sophomores are boosting the receiving corps, and the secondary has seen an influx of younger talent.

Injuries have also decimated Alabama football. They lost veteran Chris Allen to start the year, and injuries consolidated at outside linebacker. The struggling offensive line has had to rotate due to injuries, and the corners have done the same. Alabama is down to two running backs on scholarship, and star receiver John Metchie is out for the season. 

Still, Alabama found a way into the College Football Playoff. Saban carried an inexperienced team through a daunting schedule and came out on top. They mauled the top-ranked Georgia Bulldogs to win the SEC Championship.

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Despite the injuries, losses and coaching changes, Alabama remained competitive. They are peaking at the perfect time as they look to win another national title. If this happens, Saban will accomplish his greatest feat yet.