Alabama Football: Saban won’t save Urban Meyer’s career

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Alabama football won’t employ Urban Meyer

Over his Alabama football tenure, Nick Saban has made plenty of careers. He’s also saved other careers. Lane Kiffin went from being disgracefully fired to being a head coach in the SEC. Steve Sarkisian was given a second chance despite suffering from alcoholism, and he is now the head coach of one of the biggest programs in the country.

Saban is currently resurrecting Bill O’Brien’s career. BOB was a part of some of the worst trades in NFL history, but he will likely be a head coach soon. Thanks to Saban’s success with disgraced coaches, any fired head coach is rumored to join Saban’s staff.

In the NFL, Urban Meyer was the first coach fired this season. He only lasted 13 games, and he left in disgrace. Now that he is unemployed, many wonder if he will be hired by Alabama football. I think there is no chance that he joins Saban’s staff.

You could come up with plenty of petty reasons why Saban would not want to hire Meyer. They were competitors, and Meyer kept Alabama football out of two separate national championship games. At one point, some considered Meyer to be on Saban’s level as a head coach.

However, Saban wouldn’t avoid hiring someone for petty reasons. If a coach can make the team better, Saban will add them to the staff. However, Meyer brings no value to Tuscaloosa.

Saban adds assistants who can help him grow. Lane Kiffin revolutionized Alabama’s offense. Sarkisian developed the RPO. Plenty of assistants have improved Alabama’s ability to recruit. Meyer doesn’t do any of these things.

Meyer recruited well, but he’s been out of college football for multiple years. The world of recruiting has changed, and his style wouldn’t work at this point. He requires control to succeed, and that would only bring stress to Tuscaloosa.

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Meyer has ruined his reputation with his time in Jacksonville. He is too much of a red flag, and he wouldn’t bring value to Alabama’s staff. Personally, I would be stunned if Saban hired him.