Alabama Game Jan.10: Crimson Tide vs. Georgia odds and prediction for National Championship game


The Alabama Crimson Tide returns to the National Championship Game for the ninth time under Nick Saban, going back to the 2009 season.

The game will set new Playoff and National Championship game records for Alabama. In the eighth Playoff season, Alabama already holds the record for Playoff games, wins and National Championship Game victories.

Only six college football programs have had teams in a CFB Playoff National Championship game.

A history of Playoff game results can be seen here.

Why Alabama Will Win

The Crimson Tide will win because it has more strengths to exploit than do the Georgia Bulldogs. The Bulldogs need help in a secondary, that even without John Metchie III as a threat, will struggle to cover Tide receivers. Because of that weakness, the Dawgs must try to create pressure on Bryce Young with four guys, and occasionally with five. That did not work in the SEC Championship game. In the National Championship game, Kirby has little choice but to bring more heat. When they do, Bryce Young will, often enough, make them pay.

Why Georgia Might Win

An accumulation of injuries could be the Tide’s downfall. In a game that should be closer than the SEC Championship game, a few injury-driven roster changes might tip the scales in favor of the Dawgs. Another advantage for the Dawgs is, after being beaten so badly in Atlanta, they know what not to do.

What Will Happen

The Bulldogs will play under much more pressure than the Crimson Tide. The Bulldogs’ coaches and players will say over and over, the SEC Championship game does not matter. It does matter because it was the seventh straight win for the Tide over the Dawgs. The Crimson Tide will be stronger in the 2022 season and Kirby Smart cannot afford to lose an eighth straight game.

The talent levels are too comparable to expect another one-sided game. Unless the Tide injury situation warrants it, and no one can know yet if it does, there is no reason to believe the outcome will change.

Alabama vs. Georgia Odds

According to WynnBET, the Alabama Crimson Tide is a 3-point underdog. That is a slight increase from an open of Alabama +2.5. The Moneyline is Alabama +127 and Georgia is -155, with the over-under at 52.5 points.

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Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Georgia Bulldogs Game Prediction

The Crimson Tide wins by more than a touchdown.

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The Bulldogs must be relieved the site of the National Championship game is not Atlanta. The Crimson Tide has never beaten them in Indianapolis.