Alabama Football vs. Georgia: What to remember and forget

[Staff Photo/Gary Cosby Jr.]College Football Playoffs Alabama Vs Cincinnati
[Staff Photo/Gary Cosby Jr.]College Football Playoffs Alabama Vs Cincinnati /

A rematch most of the college football world hates is perfect for Alabama Football. Over the next 10 days, dozens of storylines will circulate. Many of them will focus on the wrong things. Little will be said or written about the two aspects of the National Championship game that matter most.

So much noise will make the forgetting part of anticipating the game difficult. Foremost will be a fixation on how hard it is for one team to beat another team twice in a season. Facts show otherwise. Back in 2017, a record of repeat matchups since the expansion of conference championship games, showed the team winning the first game, won again over 60 percent of the time. It is fair to surmise the percentage would be higher if the first game, winner was immune to over-confidence in the second matchup.

Complacency will not be a factor for Alabama Football. Not in a National Championship game. Not on a Nick Saban-coached team. In addition, early game predictions of Georgia being a slight favorite are a favor to the Crimson Tide.

In a repeat game, what might be the biggest factor is the loser must overcome doubt. For the Georgia Bulldogs, that burden is more than a one-game doubt; at least for the coaching staff.

Another concern Alabama football fans can shed is Georgia being more prepared for the Crimson Tide game plan. Yes, the teams learned more about each other in the SEC Championship game. But there is little mystery between the teams ever. Georgia has the added burden of wondering how much it has to change to beat the Tide. The Bulldogs will make adjustments. So will the Tide, but at this point, the teams are what they are and new schemes will not favor either team.

Alabama football fans should feel confident for two, most important reasons. One is the Alabama Football staff is led by the greatest college football coach of all-time. The Georgia Bulldogs are led by a successful recruiter that when it comes to coaching is a copycat. By championship standards, Kirby Smart’s copycat routine, while justifiable, has been a failure.

The other advantage owned by the Crimson Tide is the character of the teams. That does not mean Georgia is deficient in character. What it means is that no other team has the player cohesion, leadership and collective will to prepare and prevail as does the Crimson Tide.

After the Cotton Bowl, The Tide’s collective character was exemplified in Brian Robinson Jr.’s post-game comments,

"I literally put all my heart into this, this university, that team in that locker room. I don’t ever want to let my brothers down. I don’t never want to let my coaches down. I don’t ever want to let this university down. I just give it everything I got every chance I get. And it’s just a reflection of all the hard work we put in during the week."

Brian Robinson Jr. is one of many Crimson Tiders with a winner-mentality grounded in we, rather than me. More than anything else, that is why the Crimson Tide will beat the Georgia Bulldogs again.

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