Alabama Football: May the rest of the CFB world have no fun tonight

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It would be interesting to know how many viewers will watch the National Championship game hoping for an Alabama Football loss. The Georgia fans will of course be pulling for their team. Across the nation, there will be fans of neither team rooting for the Alabama Crimson Tide to lose.

Jealousy blinds those fans, denying them an appreciation for excellence. Here’s hoping they have no fun Monday night.

Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide is probably hated as much as previous sports dynasties in Major League Baseball, the NFL, the NBA and the few ‘actual’ dynasties there have been in college football.

Three years ago, we published an in-depth review, leading to an obvious conclusion – Alabama Crimson Tide – Saban Dynasty is the greatest in college football history. Since then, Alabama won another National Championship.

With every championship, the national reservoir of hate has grown. Currently, the most repeated articulation is the Alabama Crimson Tide program is bad for college football. The main impetus for expanding the CFB Playoff format is massive financial reward. But just behind that lies a compulsion to road-block Alabama from dominating the game. There is some ancillary, ill will toward other SEC teams, but the ‘burn it down’ fervor is fueled by the achievements of Alabama Football and Nick Saban.

Winning another National Championship would be joyous for Alabama football fans. Having the hard work of Crimson Tide players rewarded would be equally satisfying. Beating Georgia – again, would be fun. Even more fun would be relishing another wave of Alabama hate that would explode.

Maybe though, there might be some exceptions to the national angst. Begrudging as it might be, maybe there will be some added appreciation for what Alabama Football and Nick Saban have accomplished.

There certainly should be more appreciation. It is hard to decide which two of the following accomplishments are the most impressive. Click on the NCAA’s published history of National Championships and review, going back to the 2009 season:

  • In the 13 seasons (2009-2021) the Alabama Crimson Tide has been in the National Championship Game nine times.
  • In the 12 seasons (2009-2020) the Alabama Crimson Tide has won six National Championships.

When Alabama Football Dynasty Was Dead

Remember when the ‘Crimson Tide Dynasty is Dead’ claims reached their pinnacle? It was the biggest story for months after Clemson took down the Crimson Tide 44-16 in January 2019. Since that game, the Tide record is 37-3. Thanks to Clint Lamb for reminding us, the “three losses have been by 5, 3 and 3 points.”

That 40 game run has produced two SEC Championships, one National Championship and a second National Championship Game appearance.

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Here is some advice for all those talking about what is best for college football. What is best for college football is for the Alabama Crimson Tide to win again tonight. The primary goal for college football should never be parity. The ultimate measure should forever be achievement.