Alabama Basketball: Will Wade with strong … technical

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Enjoyment of last night’s Alabama Basketball win over LSU lingers. Every win over a Will Wade-coached team is a joyous payback for the embarrassment and tainted credibility Wade brings to the SEC.

In a league that includes Bruce Pearl as a coach, it is hard for another coach to be the most hated. Wade’s biggest achievement is accomplishing just that. Back when the NCAA falsely claimed to enforce recruiting rules, Wade was caught on tape whining about not being able to close a recruit, after a strong ass offer. The core of the offer, as the taped conversation showed, was cash.

That LSU never took appropriate action against Wade should be shocking. It is not, because the Ed Orgeron era in Baton Rouge proved there is no bottom, to how low LSU will go to win.

In criticism not of NIL but of Wade, I wrote six months ago, the NCAA cannot punish Wade now. The reason being NIL implementation has created a ‘no-rules’ environment. College basketball, which has been disgustingly dirty for decades, can now descend further into the mentality if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying.

For some, it is easy to pass off Wade as a whiny twit. Only the whiny part is correct. A better description is Wade being a male ‘Karen’ deluded by an inflated opinion of himself, coddled by LSU and allowed to openly display his disregard for the rest of college basketball.

It is pretty clear that Nate Oats hates Will Wade. Oats verbally ran Wade off the court after the Alabama basketball victory last spring in the SEC Tournament. The exchange between the pair after last night’s game was a cold-shoulder classic.

It is not surprising Wade is able to entice (and no doubt, still buy) top basketball talent to Baton Rouge. Many high school players are easily persuaded by lavish promises and money has been talking loudly in college basketball recruiting going back to the 1980s.

It is somewhat surprising that LSU fans have not turned on Wade – out of embarrassment and shame. Check the video below of Wade’s whining after his team lost to the Crimson Tide. He explains the stupid (strong ass) technical he earned that gave Alabama two points in its three-point win.

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What would make writing this post even more fun, would be reading responses from LSU homers, like Tim Brando, jumping to the defense of Wade.