Alabama Football: Two Tide studs at the Senior Bowl


Alabama football will be represented in Mobile.

The Reese’s Senior Bowl is a rare opportunity for seniors to work for a week against quality competition before truly beginning the NFL Draft process. This year, Alabama football will be represented by a player on each side of the ball.

Brian Robinson will be on the American Team coached by the Detroit Lions. He is one of the most experienced backs attending the Senior Bowl after dominating the Tide’s backfield touches this past year. He will play alongside James Cook, and Hassan Haskins is the most notable name on the other sideline.

Alson on the American Team is Phil Mathis, a stud interior defensive lineman for Alabama football. Mathis didn’t dominate statistically, but he disrupted the run and brought pressure against weaker offensive lines. He was also an elite leader for the Tide, and his impact can’t be underestimated.

Both players had positive impacts on Alabama football, and they’ll try to do similar things in the NFL. Mobile will be the first step in this process, but they’ll also have opportunities to shine at their Pro Days and the NFL Combine. This will let teams see how these players interact with others and approach a practice. They’ll go through drills against even competition, and they’ll try to boost their draft stock by the end of the week.

Last year, this was where Mac Jones became a first-round quarterback. He showed his command of the offense and leadership skills, and he left looking like the best quarterback on the field. That helped boost the hype surrounding him.

There is another player with ties to Alabama football in Mobile this week. Jerome Ford is playing for the opposite team at running back. Ford joined the Tide before transferring to Cincinnati. He should also be drafted after a stellar career with the Bearcats.

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We’ll see how much these players practice. They may simply do a few drills before stepping out, or they could do everything and play in the actual game. Either way, this is an opportunity for Alabama football’s seniors to step up in the spotlight.