Alabama Football: Auburn rumors distract from Golding DUI

Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports /

Auburn can gladly steal the headlines from Alabama football right now.

The past few days have been filled with news stories in the SEC. Lane Kiffin blamed NIL rules for why Texas A&M broke records in recruiting. Jimbo Fisher defended himself and his program. LSU lost a recruit despite dancing with him on a stage. Still, Alabama football and Auburn stole the headlines.

Alabama’s reasoning for being in the news was less than ideal. Pete Golding was taken to jail after being charged with a DUI in Northport. We’ve already discussed how this is inexcusable for Golding, and Golding has released a public apology.

This news story circulated for less than a full day before Auburn took center stage. Bryan Harsin is reportedly on the ropes after just one season with the Tigers. Former players are blaming his inability to lead effectively, but this situation was more than a few quotes.

Rumors swirled Thursday night about Harsin in an alleged affair. The rumors aren’t confirmed, and Harsin strongly defended himself. We are not going to predict whether or not these serious allegations are accurate, but the conversation certainly isn’t helping him at the moment.

Auburn hasn’t fired Harsin, and they may not. Still, that is where every conversation is going in the state of Alabama. At the very least, the timing is covering Alabama from being the center of attention in the worst way.

People say that all publicity is good publicity, but that is not the case when your defensive coordinator is charged with a DUI. It’s also important to say that Alabama football isn’t hiding from the situation. My point is that it’s better for everything now to be handled outside of the public eye. Golding will be punished, but the constant coverage would not solve any problems in Tuscaloosa.

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Alabama usually loves to be in the spotlight, but fans will happily take a step back while the Auburn Tigers potentially implode.