SEC Football: What the boiling pot scandal in Auburn is about


Another day with SEC football dominating conversations has moved from Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M to Bryan Harsin and Auburn. Fisher might want to send Harsin a thank you note.

Bryan Harsin has been accused of infidelity and mistreating players and staff. Harson denies the accusations, stating forcefully they are nothing but “bull____.”’s John Talty stated,

"Here’s what I’m comfortable saying: There’s been a concerted effort to ramp up pressure and make it untenable for Bryan Harsin to return for Year 2. And Harsin has provided plenty of ammo from coaching departures to transfer portal exodus. Situation moving fast."

That was Friday morning. Fast could mean the defiant Harsin could be out within hours. At this point, Harsin keeping his job into next week would be a shock.

Even if the accusations are something other than manure, as Auburn contends, they are not the real reasons for Harsin’s demise. Two things are driving the split and both are tied to money. Losing five straight to end the 2021 season is not enough for Auburn to fire Harsin. Had he followed that with recruiting success, he would have seen a second season in Auburn.

Instead, his recruiting failure was monumental. It appears clear to almost everyone but Harsin that Auburn will be worse in 2022 than was the 6-7, 2021 team. A few days ago, I  shared a 2022 prediction that Auburn would finish last in the SEC West. It was the easiest prediction I have ever made.

Reported by Pete Thamel, Auburn’s official story is,

"Auburn President Jay Gogue on Harsin: “There have been a lot of rumors and speculation about our football program. I just want you know we’re trying to separate fact from fiction. We’ll keep you posted and make the appropriate decision at the right time."

Auburn named a new school President today. What a way to begin a job.

The obstacle in executing a dismissal of Harsin is his buyout. Auburn clearly wants to fire him for cause. He wants his roughly $18.5M buyout cash. Auburn does not want to pay it. Equally clear is whatever is being said or claimed, neither side want Bryan Harsin to have a season two in Auburn.

Next. Jimbo's misguided indignation. dark

It is hard to say how it will end. Auburn has a history of mishandling such conflicts. There is even a small chance of a reversal that has Harsin holding on to his job. In Auburn, anything can happen.