Alabama Football: Evan Neal’s floor, ceiling as NFL Draft prospect

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Alabama football has a stud in the 2022 NFL Draft

The 2022 NFL Draft is coming up, and Alabama football has plenty of prospects this year. However, they may only see two players go in the first round. One of those is Evan Neal. Neal is a contender for the first overall pick, and most see him as the best offensive player in this draft class.

However, the NFL Draft is not about who the best player is all the time. It’s about where players will be drafted. That changes the formula for coverage, and it can lead to some craziness as the rounds continue.

In the NFL Draft, one crazy evaluation can disrupt every draft board. Players fall beyond where their talent dictates they should go, and the draft order can move a top talent down the board due to superior needs.

Because of this, every Alabama football player has a range where they can go. What is Evan Neal’s floor and ceiling in this draft class?

Ceiling: No. 1 overall, Jacksonville Jaguars

Evan Neal has what it takes to be the first player taken in the 2022 NFL Draft. The talent is there, and he has positional value. No one will ever fault a team for taking a franchise left tackle.

The team need is there as well. The Jaguars need a cornerstone to protect Trevor Lawrence for the foreseeable future. Evan Neal can be that as Cam Robinson likely finds a new home. This makes too much sense to not happen.

However, the Jaguars could go in another direction. They should take the Alabama football product, but what if they take someone else? Here’s how far Neal could theoretically slide.

Floor: No. 10 overall, New York Jets

This is an incredibly low floor, and it would be stunning to see Neal fall this far. However, some teams might prioritize quarterbacks or defensive studs over an offensive tackle. Also, there are a few tackles worth taking in the top 10. Neal is likely the best, but teams might disagree on value.

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Barring an injury or a scandal, Neal should be gone by here. In all likelihood, he will be gone by the top 5. Still, this is the floor for a reason.