Alabama Football: Nick Saban comments on Henry Ruggs incident

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Alabama football’s Nick Saban is turning this into a leading opportunity

In the offseason, Nick Saban gives plenty of speeches to coaches and boosters. He talks about his experience with Alabama football and gives advice. Whether he is talking about the details of coaching or simple leadership qualities, he provides value with what he has to say.

A recording of a recent speech proved this. Saban was discussing traits of leaders at the 2022 Alabama Football Coaches Association Convention in Montgomery. Some of the best college football coaches in the country attended to speak to high school coaches across the state.

In his speech, Saban discussed how people are more apprehensive about being leaders. People want to be liked, but they don’t want to rock the boat and disrupt friend groups. Everyone is afraid of what their peers think of them.

Saban then commented on what would have happened if a leader stepped up to help Henry Ruggs III in Las Vegas. Ruggs was over twice the legal limit to drive, and his reckless speed caused an accident that killed a woman. Ruggs’ NFL career is now over as he faces criminal charges.

Saban does not remove blame from Ruggs. However, he did say that Ruggs had no problems when he was with Alabama football. He said that he was a good kid.

Saban’s point is that it can be hard to stand up to your friends, but leaders do what is best for them. It might cause a confrontation, but it can lead to a better result. Leading is never easy, but it is what must be done.

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It can be hard to step up and be a leader, and it is even harder to stand against your friends. However, it would have saved a life in Las Vegas, and Saban’s speech will hopefully inspire others to do the right thing while facing adversity.