Alabama Football: 3 NFL Draft fits for Slade Bolden

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Alabama football’s Slade Bolden needs a great landing spot

Slade Bolden didn’t have spectacular stats with Alabama football, but he still contributed to a championship team along with a title contender the following year. After four years in Tuscaloosa and two degrees, he is declaring for the NFL Draft.

Unlike most players who declare despite having a choice to come back, Bolden isn’t seen as a top-tier prospect. He was invited to the NFL Combine, but he is not a lock to be drafted. He lacks the top-tier speed that most receivers have, and he had drops on special teams that limit his value as a returner.

Still, he is one of the most determined players to play Alabama football, and he can have a solid career if he finds the right home. These are three teams that would be great for him as a player.

Kansas City Chiefs

Bolden shouldn’t be seen as a starter as a rookie. Because of this, he needs to find a team that has top-tier talent but needs depth at receiver. That’s why the Chiefs make sense.

The Chiefs have speedsters to stretch the field. Bolden could work the underneath routes and receive consistent checkdowns from Patrick Mahomes. He wouldn’t be a star, but he could find a role in a powerful offense.

Green Bay Packers

This is a similar situation. The Packers have a great WR1, but they don’t have enough depth at the position. Regardless of who starts at quarterback next year, Green Bay needs to add players who can contribute over the next few years. They could take Bolden in the later rounds and add depth on special teams.

New England Patriots

This fit makes too much sense. It would pair Bolden with Mac Jones, his former Alabama football quarterback. It would give the Patriots a slot receiver who is gritty, which has been their bread and butter over the past two decades. The Patriots need weapons, and this would be a low-risk signing on Day 3.

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If Bolden goes undrafted, it would make sense for him to sign with the Patriots. We’ll have a better idea of what to expect after the NFL Combine.