Alabama Basketball: Latest SEC Tournament seeding filled with ties

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After the Wednesday night blowout administered by the Texas A&M Aggies, Alabama basketball fans are concerned. The concerns are multiple and related. One is whether this season’s Alabama team can be counted on to win against lesser teams. A second concern is will Wednesday’s embarrassment be followed by a bad loss to LSU in Baton Rouge and a quick exit from the SEC Tournament. The third concern is, will be the Tide’s Big Dance opportunity come to a thudding halt against a lightweight team.

The concerns are both valid and over-reactions. Yes, the fact the Crimson Tide is the most inconsistent team in college basketball should not be ignored. In opposition to that is another fact, when the Crimson Tide is ‘good’ it can be very good.

Anyone claiming to know the March fates of the Alabama Crimson Tide is delusional.

Crimson Tide fans can put aside an early NCAA Tournament loss for now. The Tide’s next two or three games will determine how stiff the Tide’s opening round NCAA Tournament will be.

Alabama Basketball and SEC Tournament Seeding

Based on current SEC standings and factoring in SEC tie-breakers, the Crimson Tide is the No. 5 team in the SEC Tournament. Alabama, South Carolina and Florida are all 9-8, but the Crimson Tide has beaten the Gators and the Gamecocks, giving it the seed advantage.

Saturday’s games could result in the Crimson Tide and four other teams being tied with 9-9 records.

There are also three teams one game behind the Auburn Tigers in the standings. Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky are tied at 13-4. Based on current tie-breakers the Hogs are No. 2, followed by Tennessee and then the Wildcats, The Hogs and the Vols play Saturday.

If the SEC Tournament started today, it would begin with Ole Miss vs. Missouri and Vanderbilt vs. Georgia in session No. 1. The Crimson Tide as the 5-seed would get the winner of Missouri and Ole Miss.

Based on current standings, game two for the Crimson Tide would be against the Kentucky Wildcats.

Depending on Saturday outcomes, the Tide could fall to the SEC Tournament 6-seed should one of the weekend outcomes be a Tide loss to LSU. Using Ken Pomeroy predictions published by the Tide will lose to LSU and drop to the 6-seed.

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Whatever happens on Saturday, the Crimson Tide will have to beat a top team (Kentucky, Arkansas or Tennessee) in order to advance to an SEC Tournament semi-final.