Alabama Football: Should Amari Cooper join the Miami Dolphins?

(Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)
(Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images) /

Two Alabama football players would make a great duo.

Alabama football has players on almost every NFL team at the moment, and the numbers improve with every draft. One former star has lived up to the hype so far. Amari Cooper has five seasons with at least 1000 receiving yards under his belt over a seven-year career, and he has 46 career touchdowns.

Cooper was paid handsomely when he was up for a new contract, but the Cowboys made it easy to maneuver. Now that they have cheaper receivers and a salary cap nightmare, they are likely to release Cooper.

If Cooper is a free agent, Miami would make sense for many reasons. He was recruited out of south Florida when he joined Alabama football, so it would be a homecoming for him. The Dolphins also have the most cap space in the NFL, so he could be signed without taking a massive pay cut.

The Dolphins need additional receiver help. Drafting Alabama football’s Jaylen Waddle was a smart move, but the depth at the position is weak. Will Fuller’s injuries kept him off the field, and DeVante Parker lacks top-end speed. Pairing Cooper and Parker would give the Dolphins a deep threat alongside an aggressive playmaker, and Waddle’s ability to make a play anywhere on the field adds value as well.

Cooper was in the NFL before Tua or Waddle joined Alabama football, so they were never teammates. However, that Tuscaloosa connection adds value. Tide players are a fraternity, and they often work with each other in the offseason. There might not be instant chemistry, but it’s safe to say that Cooper would work better with Tua than a random NFL quarterback with similar talents.

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Amari Cooper would thrive in many offenses. When you look at the details off the field, the Dolphins appear to be a seamless fit.