Alabama Basketball: 3 keys for Tide to reach Final Four

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Can Alabama basketball reach the Final Four?

Last season, Alabama basketball couldn’t leave the Sweet Sixteen. While the Tide have a worse seed, they hope to make it deeper in this year’s NCAA Tournament.

The problem is that Alabama basketball is on the decline. They’ve lost three straight games to end the year, and no lead appears to be too big to give up. Shots are not falling, and Alabama basketball simply flails for long stretches in key games.

Still, the beauty of the NCAA Tournament is that any team can make a deep run. It does not matter what you did to get here. All that matters is what you do from here until the end.

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So, what can Alabama basketball do? Things might not be perfect, but they have the potential to go on a deep run. Here are three keys for the Crimson Tide to make it to New Orleans.

3. Stop committing inexcusable turnovers

College basketball is all about momentum, and the beauty of the game is that you don’t have to be perfect to beat most teams. However, you can’t win if you are making head-scratching mistakes. Some of Alabama’s turnovers have been just that.

Alabama will have turnovers, and they may even lose the turnover battle in some games. What they can’t do is make the bad passes that leave you confused. They can’t throw the ball out of bounds or loft the ball into a passing lane. These mistakes hurt your confidence, and they can sometimes lead to easy points in transition for your opponent. That’s what the Tide must avoid.