Alabama Basketball: Signs point to a one-and-done JD Davison


It may be difficult for some Alabama basketball fans to see why JD Davison is ready for the NBA. All that matters, of course, is for the young man, his family and advisors to believe it is time to become a professional.

Some Alabam basketball insiders believe the decision has already been made and is not a recent development. Even if that is correct, it will not be a done deal until June, when the deadline to enter the NBA Draft passes. In the interim, feedback from NBA teams might suggest some are not sold on JD yet.

But it only takes one team to believe now is the time for JD to jump. There are pretty strong indications a few teams will come to that conclusion. With the youngest players available, the NBA often drafts on the basis of potential. There is little doubt about Davison’s potential. With his leaping ability and strength, he already has an NBA body.

Early in the college basketball season, Davison was listed in many mock drafts as a mid, first-round selection. Based on more recent mocks, the young man has dropped to somewhere between the late first round and early second round.

Dropping to the second round can be costly for players. The first round contracts are for four years, with two years guaranteed. Some players chosen in the second round will also get a guaranteed contract. While sometimes longer, usually for a second-round pick, the guarantee is only one year.

College basketball fans who do not follow the NBA closely may not realize the impact of the NBA’s G League. The developmental league is a good path to making an NBA roster. The 2022 NBA Draft, first-round could easily include four G-League players. Even if Davison slides to the bottom of the second round and plays most or all of his first professional season in the G League; it is possible that G League development would do more for him than another year of college basketball.

Some of us Alabama basketball fans were wrong about Josh Primo

Last season, some Alabama basketball fans thought Josh Primo was making a mistake by not returning to Tuscaloosa for his sophomore season. Those of us who did, could not have been more wrong. Primo’s rookie season has been a success and the development he gained from 12, G League starts is one of the reasons why.

A few days ago, we published a list of 12 scholarship players for the 2022-23 season. JD was included. but the next list we publish will not likely include Davison.

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Davison has time to make or change his mind. He can make himself available as an early-entry player and later withdraw his name up to June 13.