Tom Brady trade to Miami Dolphins – ‘Say it ain’t so’


Just when things are looking up for Tua Tagovailoa in Miami, a vicious rumor has surfaced. It is not a repeat of the old rumor that former Miami Dolphins head coach, Brian Flores questioned Tua’s work ethic. That nonsense rumor could have never gained traction from anyone knowing the stern and demanding way Tua’s father raised him.

The latest rumor is that Tom Brady, AKA the NFL’s Darth Vader, is working on a trade that would send him from Tampa Bay to Miami. The rumor surfaced on Thursday during a New England talk show. Like all rumors in the instant information age, it spread quickly.

Almost as quickly it was discounted as having any sound basis. jumped in quickly stating, the rumor was unfounded. The SI source can be seen below.

Of course, that did not stop SI from taking advantage of an opportunity to chase some sizzle.

In fairness to SI, this post does the same, but with the added context of coming from an Alabama football perspective.

Tua Tagovailoa is revered by Alabama Crimson Tide fans. What he did in the second half of the Crimson Tide’s 2017 National Championship game will reside in the ‘greatest’ category of Crimson Tide lore – forever. On top of that, he was first-class in everything he did while he was in Tuscaloosa. Few college football players have faced the injury adversity Tua faced and come back to greatness. He has not reached the greatness milestone yet, but with the right personnel around him, he can in the NFL.

Anyone doubting Tua’s toughness cannot have been in Bryant-Denny Stadium one November,  Saturday afternoon in Tuscaloosa. Not healthy, and practically playing on one serviceable leg, Tua battled what became an LSU National Championship team. Tua and the Tide came up short. Tua made a couple of uncharacteristic mistakes. At the end, he could barely walk off the field.

More than a few Dolphins fans are Alabama football fans. Even with Jaylen Waddle a Phin, many of those Alabama and Miami fans will not forgive the Dolphins if they trade Tua or worse, demote him to being a backup to Tom Brady.

Fortunately, there is some sanity on the issue, provided by reporting veteran, Barry Jackson.

"Though Dolphins will add a center at some point, there’s no big financial allocation at the position in the works right now. Lower-priced options or a trade certainly options. And I’ve been told to disregard Brady/Miami thing you may have seen from Boston reporter. Nothing brewing"

dark. Next. Tua bashing is ridiculous

Thank you Barry – Go Phinsl go Jaylen and go Tua!