Alabama Football: Agiye Hall saga comes to an end with departure


As of Tuesday morning, Alabama Football has one less wide receiver on its 2022 roster. Sophomore Agiye Hall is no longer listed on the Alabama football official roster.

After last spring’s performance in the A-Day game, many Alabama football fans have carried high expectations for his Crimson Tide career. The memory of that spring performance will quickly fade and be replaced by another, unpleasant memory of Agiye Hall dropping passes in the National Championship game. After the injury to Jameson Williams, Hall caught two passes for 52 yards, but his drops were a big reason why the Crimson Tide lost the National Championship game.

Hall’s performance failures against Georgia, including a drop that would have led to a touchdown, motivated him to publicly apologize to Crimson Tide fans. At other times, before and since, Hall expressed both frustration and displeasure through social media comments.

Hall played in seven games as a Tide freshman. His receiving output was four catches. In January, talking about Hall, Nick Saban said,

"All players have to make an investment in their development. We have a responsibility and obligation to play the best players, but we have a responsibility and obligation not to put players on the field who are not gonna be productive because they don’t know what to do or they’re not confident in how to do it and why it’s important to do it that way."

Hall had been a highly rated Crimson Tide recruit. The potential Alabama fans saw in him was real. Nick Saban saw it as well.

"He’s got a lot of ability and he started developing confidence in knowing what to do, knowing how to do it, knowing why it’s important to do it that way"

No official word yet from Alabama Football

No official statement has been made by the football program. A rumor from Saturday is that Hall was late getting to the scrimmage and as a result saw no action. If true, that was likely a ‘last straw’ moment for the Alabama Crimson Tide staff.

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Young Crimson Tide receivers are doing so well this spring that Hall might not have been much of a contributor in the 2022 season. Hopefully, he will find a new team that will be a better fit.