Alabama Football: Moving on from Tyler Steen would be fine


Who knows what will happen in the Alabama football pursuit of Tyler Steen? Only one thing is sure. We know that the young man has a very broad definition of the word ‘soon’. Steen has been purportedly planning to announce his transfer decision ‘soon’ for several days.

In what may be an unpopular opinion among some Alabama football fans, maybe it is time for the Tide to move on. If Steen is this conflicted about whether he wants to finish his college career in Tuscaloosa, he is probably better off choosing a lesser program. He will not start for Nick Saban unless he wins a fall camp tackle competition. One or more of the other schools he is considering have likely guaranteed Steen a starting role.

It is understandable Steen has a tough decision, but that is not an excuse for dithering. At this point, the current Crimson Tide offensive linemen are probably tired of hearing about Steen. From that position group, any welcome to Tuscaloosa would likely be forced.

How much is Tyler Steen needed? Apparently, the coaching staff values him higher than his not bad, but far from great resume defines him. Maybe Steen is significantly better than Kendall Randolph or Amari Kight would be next season – or maybe not.

Some Alabama football insiders believe Kight has stepped up this spring. How much he has is unknown, but he and Kendall Randolph have paid their Tide dues and deserve a chance, even if Steen is a marginally better option.

Alabama Football has other tackle options

There are other options as well, though so far there is no indication Eric Wolford and Nick Saban are entertaining them. The offensive lineman getting the best spring reviews is Javion Cohen. If Damieon George Jr. or Terrence Ferguson II are doing well enough at guard, moving Cohen to tackle might be a good decision.

Every indication is one starter at tackle is basically settled with JC Latham. During fall camp, Latham could possibly move to left tackle. The reason such a move would be feasible is the summer addition of Tyler Booker. Booker will arrive in Tuscaloosa, physically ready to contribute. It is possible Booker could work his way into a starting role next September.

Next. Brian Robinson Jr. stands to have a long NFL career. dark

If ‘soon’ reaches a point when Tyler Steen chooses the Crimson Tide, best of luck to him in his effort to win a starting job.