Alabama Football: Two coaches, old friends could create NFL Draft jackpot


An old friendship with Alabama football coach Nick Saban will not determine who Bill Belichick drafts. But tied to that friendship is trust; trust in Saban and the Alabama football program. Simply defined, Belichick knows more about what he is getting in former Crimson Tide players than he does about other players.

It is impossible to predict what Belichick will do in any Draft. We do know that he, along with former Baltimore GM, Ozzie Newsome, have been Draft masters. The Patriots and the Ravens have reaped strong results from many former Crimson Tide players. The New England Patriots currently have six former Crimson Tide players. NFL Draft expert, Bucky Brooks defines the connection as,

"There’s a natural pipeline between Alabama and the New England Patriots."

Patriots have many chances to draft Alabama football players

Former Alabama football players on the Pats roster will likely increase through the 2022 NFL Draft. Belichick, unless he makes deals and trades some picks away, has seven draft selections. The Patriots have the 21st selection in the First Round; the 54th overall pick in the Second Round; the 85th in the Third Round; the 127th in the Fourth Round; the 158th and 170th in the Fifth Round and the 200th and 210th in Round Six.

Writing for Patriots Wire, Isaiah Houde said recently,

"The New England Patriots have dire needs at the cornerback, linebacker and wide receiver positions with the draft ahead."

Assuming Houde is correct, the order of what position is addressed first in the Draft will be determined by the available players. If Belichick does not go with the best available corner with the 21st pick, that first-round slot could be filled by Jameson Williams. The Pats need a big-play receiver and a healthy Williams fits the description. There is no guarantee Jameson will be ready when the season starts, though he optimistically forecasts being ready during training camp.  November is more likely for Williams and other teams may not have the patience to wait.

Let’s pencil Williams in at the 21st pick to New England.

Another Alabama Football Player next

Though it could be cornerback or linebacker, the top defensive backs will be gone by the 54th pick, and so will the top couple of linebackers. Christian Harris will probably still be available, and if so, the Pats should nab him. Harris excels at many of the attributes of a modern linebacker. He is versatile with speed and quickness to handle coverage assignments. He is smallish and not the guy to stuff opposing runners, but he can chase them down and he can blitz. Plus, having played linebacker for only three seasons, Harris has upside potential.

With the 85th pick, Belichick could opt for Jaylin Armour-Davis or he could take a chance of getting him with the 127th pick. No program teaches corners better than does the Crimson Tide. Though Jaylin does not have a lot of college tape, his sizzling 4.3 at the Combine made him some money.

Next. NFL Draft talk about Alabama will be wrong. dark

No one can guess what Bill Belichick will do. And no one should be surprised if he drafts these three former Alabama football players – and maybe more.